Andrew Yang shields arbitrary cash giveaway

Andrew Yang defends random money giveaway

Democratic candidate Andrew Yang defended the universal basic income plan proposed on Sunday and rejected the proposal that illegal campaigns giving thousands of random families were illegal. Man in suit and tie: Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang © Win McNamee / Getty Images Democratic Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang At the 3rd Democratic debate on Thursday, […]

Trump guards Brett Kavanaugh, Democrats call for indictment in the midst of new sexual offense claims

Trump defends Brett Kavanaugh, Democrats call for impeachment amid new sexual misconduct claims

President Donald Trump called on the Supreme Court after an alleged sexual misconduct that once threatened to nominate his nomination to the bench because several prominent Democrats called him to bomb Jumped to the defense of the official Brett Cabano. Brett Cabanau in a suit and tie: President Donald Trump shakes hands with Supreme Court […]

Mike Pence’s Nephew Marries Kellyanne Conway’s Cousin in New Jersey

Mike Pence's Nephew Marries Kellyanne Conway's Cousin in New Jersey

Mike Pence vice president ne and counsel of presidential adviser Kelly Anconway were married at St. Nicholas Church on Saturday. John Pence, senior advisor to the White House staff Giovanna Coia and President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign, announced the engagement in September 2018, hosting a New Jersey wedding, according to Atlantic City reports. Did. The […]