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Like angels they visited our home,

Promised to move us into a colourful zone.
We pictured the perfection of being with an angel we’ve never known.
At last, the saviour is come!

They told us we were going to be the best,
In their hands we’ll be handled as eggs,
But that was to have us broken with pegs.

Taken away from home, we were two.
We’ve been separated far from each other.
Now I serve in the home of another.

I dare not eat from the kitchen
Else I’ll be beaten.
When I speak,
I’m gagged like a criminal
And ‘shush! tell not to anyone’.

Regardless my state,
The climate cease not to change
It rains, storms and thunders
The scorching sun spares me not.
My skin, it’s torturing
Yet I must meet up to the task, pick pocketing.

Greedy monsters!
As much as they crave for wealth,
They care less about my health.
Food, clothing and shelter….limited.

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Thinking more than them will I blossom,
I’m thrown out of their bossom.
Hmmm…. Even animals are treated nicely and called pets

I am an abandoned piece of land,
Unimaginable wealth I possess.
Who will dig down to unveil the beauty that is within?
Who will wash away the mud and cause my beauty to glow?
I know not…..

Now I look into the sky,
Tears drip down my cheeks
While the sun smiles at me..

By: Phio_na

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