ACLU criticizes bill criminalizing domestic terrorism

ACLU said the bill would unnecessarily expand the authorities used by the Trump administration to target and discriminate against the very community that Congress wants to protect.

“Colored races and other alienated communities have been subject to unfair and discriminatory surveillance, investigation and prosecution under the domestic terrorist authorities.” Ranking Republican member Doug Collins Congressman.

California Democrat Adam Schiff introduced a bill on August 16 in the wake of a massive increase in gunfire in the United States.

Schiff spokesman Patrick Borland has a reasonable and effective concern about the possibility of such law being abused late Tuesday, but a responsible solution will not refuse to take serious legislative action Said.

“In response to El Paso and other terrible attacks, prosecutors and investigators are proactive with the tools needed to combat violent domestic terrorism, especially white nationalist terrorism, and equal conditions with international counterparts. Must give it, “Borland said.

Borland emailed within the next few days that Schiff staff will meet with stakeholders to discuss bills and find ways to increase protection against abuse.

Recent mass shootings have added momentum to the debate about whether to classify and attempt such attacks in the same way as crimes against the United States by foreign extremist groups and their supporters.

Arizona Republican Senator Martha Maxary plans to introduce a law this month that will allow federal law enforcement agencies to accuse suspects of domestic terrorism and add penalties for those crimes.

Schiff’s bill will allow federal authorities to accuse someone by providing criminal assistance to domestic terrorists.

Jeanne Theoharis, professor of politics at Brooklyn University, who writes extensively on civil rights, says that such provisions provide a way for the federal government to follow people who don’t like politics.

But Schiff says the fact that the prosecutor has to prove the crime beyond reasonable doubt sets a high hurdle.

Mary McCord, who once headed the Department of Justice’s National Security Department, is the most frequently used international terrorist charge to provide material support to foreign terrorist organizations. Say almost half of the prosecution.

Only foreign groups are classified as terrorist organizations. McCord and Schiff are opposed to designating domestic organizations as terrorist organizations because they can threaten the rights of the First Amendment, such as freedom of expression.

ACLU said law enforcement already has all the authorities necessary to deal with white supremacy violence. The letter was signed by Ronald Newman, director of the group’s national politics, and Manor Wahid, senior legislative and advocacy lawyer.

Updated: September 4, 2019 — 1:11 pm

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