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Photo Credit: EN Zym

Screams at humanity within this water world
In a nutshell we cling to the echoless voice
Which deceives us and rubs us of wisdom
And even we quickly hide in our deep sleep

Masked by the deeds of our hands
We are baked to satisfy the hunger of the fittest
For our survival is determined by where the compass
Of nature leads
A destination unwritten
For these paths are engraved
Boldly by those before us

We are beautiful birds without wings
Caged to be owned by those who
Sell to us sweet music in heavy tones
Yes we are without our own voice
A flaw our blindness caused

Masked to reflect what isn’t there
Fear in our deepest thoughts
Stranger feelings of what we are
Where we headed
And our purpose

Agents maybe?
Agents of nothingness maybe?
Agents of our own world?
Who owns humanity?

Fb: Gifty Gifty

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