Biden Has Deep Connection to Black Voters. Will It Translate Into Votes?

BIRMINGHAM —In last week’s Democratic Party debate, Joseph R. Biden, Jr. urged intra-party distress with a concise and consistent answer to questions about slavery heritage. Racial issues.

Joe Biden wearing a suit and tie talking on his mobile phone: Joseph R. Biden to commemorate the 56th anniversary of the bombing at the 16th Avenue Baptist Church in Birmingham Jr. © Dustin Chambers for The New York Times Joseph R. Biden Jr. The 56th anniversary of the bombing at Birmingham’s 16th Avenue Baptist Church.
Three days later, a large number of African Americans welcomed Mr. Biden and gave an intense speech at the 16th Avenue Baptist Church, a symbol of civil rights struggle. There he accused the organization of racism and bombed here in 1963 killing four young black girls.

The disagreement emphasizes the uncertainty about whether Mr. Biden can convert his long-standing connection with black voters into next year’s vote. Deep ties with black leaders, his role as Vice President Barack Obama, and popularity among more conservative and more conservative African-Americans are important for Democratic candidates seeking nomination I gave command to the voting of the constituency.

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However, that support has never been rigorously tested in his out-of-state ballot box in Delaware, like the answer of meandering discussions about slavery and his legislative record on issues such as buses and criminal justice A failure has intensified questions among progressive activists, some leaders as to whether he is the highest standard holder of African-American priorities.

Group of people standing next to men: Many attendees at the church memorial stated that they were not bothered by the erratic answer to Mr. Biden’s race last week’s debate. © Dustin Chambers for The New York Times Church Memorial said he was not bothered by the unstable answers about Mr. Biden’s race in last week’s debate.
Leah Daughtry, an African-American veteran Democrat strategist at the 2008 and 2016 Democratic National Conventions, describes Biden as a black voters: “He has an advantage, but I do n’t think he ’s locked up.”

Mr. Biden has many of the top runner positions thanks to the support of black voters. According to polls, he has consistently exceeded 40% of African Americans, voted first in South Carolina, and in South Carolina ’s high percentage of black voters, Biden ’s score further It ’s getting higher.

There was little evidence that Sunday’s church had diminished this benefit. In nearly a dozen interviews, many attendees, mainly focused on President Trump’s defeat, said they were not yet firmly committed to the candidates, but Biden cited a partnership with Obama. He is the top of many people’s lists and explains his true love for Biden. No one said his past remarks about the race changed their views.

Men and women standing in front of the building: Lanier family at 16th Street Baptist Church. They praise the connection between Mr. Biden and former President Barack Obama. © Dustin Chambers for the New York Times 16th Street Baptist Church Lanier Family. They praise the connection between Mr. Biden and former President Barack Obama.
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Arthur McGee, a 72-year-old retiree who was presenting attendees, said his support for Mr. Biden was “mild” but so far he called him the first option.

He also stated that he was not bothered by Mr. Biden’s warm remarks about his cooperation with separatist senators, who later expressed regret.

“It’s the same as complaining about Biden, they can’t do anything,” he said about Mr. Biden’s critics currently serving in Congress.

Many of the black voters and officials in attendance described him as a famous, reliable and experienced leader.

“In the black community, I highly appreciate the fact that former Vice President Joe Biden did not obscure the role of the president who happened to be African American, nor did he disgrace,” Jefferson County Raschunda Scales, interim president of the committee, said the location of Birmingham.

However, Biden’s view at the church was only a snapshot of a large and diverse group. There are also many colored people who are concerned about Mr. Biden’s record and remarks. It’s about cooperating with separatists in the 1990s and supporting crime prevention laws that are now often related to imprisonment.

When asked about American responsibilities during a Thursday debate

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