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Born into the unknown pieces of a puzzle
we innocently crawl
Our way up the destiny pole
And maybe fall whilst we stand

A dark maze of inner pain and a sense
Of belonging to a fraternity that sees it all
A deity perhaps that sets the rules within
So we say we are lost and found
So we smile even when we hate

Strange the times of the night
When we rush our spirit within closed
eyelids over dreams conjured by our makers
And our thoughts panting for breath
And our sweaty bodies looking for shelter
And we say we deserve to live
And death just scares us for it is a taboo
in abandoned diaries

So by this destiny pole, we hold on to it so tightly
And pledge to brace the storms that strips us naked
And the winds that steal our hearts
The tears that drown our souls
And the wishes that disappear before they are ripe

And on the shores of our lives
Which is made of little of everything
We look beyond blue skies
And kiss the feet of dawn with words of wisdom
We caress sunrise before the war begins in our minds
We laugh in between the sunset and midnight
And wonder if tomorrow and today are the same
And if they are indeed
The destiny pole that keeps
Repeating itself.

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Photo Credit: Suzz Blaqq

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