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Title: Flower 🌻
Hosted by: Kwabla Elikem

I am a Flower, Blossom and Glowing

With Beauty and Brightness, I reach out with Love

With Colourful Petals, I express Sympathy, Togetherness and Care

Some say I appear and disappear

Others say I become a fruit

Either way, I make your Garden Glow with much Beauty and Elegance, some times following the movement of the sun

My qualities make me Exceptional

Indeed I am a flower


To the eye it is a bliss
To the heart, a source of peace
So to thy nature I pray for a longer contact
Of days that I’ll ever be gay
And far from the worries of what humans say
It is thy comfort I seek, o you bliss and peace of the soul.


As it blossoms,
It’s scent, sweet.
Colours, so bright.
Curves, very nice.
It is just beautiful to behold.

At sunset,
It shrinks,
Not attractive,
It stinks.
Life is as a flower
Live it well.


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