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I don’t want to run for US Presidency – Oprah Winfrey



Oprah Winfrey

The US star has claimed that she has no interest in the White House, as she appeared at an event supporting Democrat Stacey Abrams’ campaign to be governor of Georgia.

Abrams is aiming to make history as America’s first black female governor in next week’s mid-term elections.

Both women stressed the importance of going out to vote in honour of those who fought for their right to do so, according to a BBC report.

Winfrey claimed during her impassioned speech that she isn’t testing the waters for a presidential run, telling the crowd, “I want to make it very clear to all the press, everybody that I’m not here because I’m making some grand stand because I’m thinking about running myself. I don’t want to run, OK?”

Earlier, Oprah Winfrey put to rest any lingering questions about a potential 2020 bid for the presidency, declaring on a late-night talk show that she was “definitely not running”.

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The media mogul, appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live, was emphatic in her response to host Kimmel’s question about whether she would run. “Where do I look into the camera? I am definitely not running for president.”

But her followers and a section of American media are adamant about her “no interest” claims.


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