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I’m not a snack, I’m a whole meal – Lydia Forson gives them



Lydia Forson

Whoop, Whoop…Lydia Forson is at it again with some sweltering photos. Better get your sunnies out before your eyes get scorched.

Lydia Forson has proven time and time again that she is the ultimate fashion icon for the ‘thick world’. The face of unapologe-thick just served us a new look and we are just blown…poof!

The actress dressed in an all-black outfit rock it with classic Bantu knots and trendy sunnies, with her colour pop coming from her earrings and socks. And did I tell you she topped it off with a pair of pointy boot lace-up stilettos?

Attitude score is 10/10. It screams confidence, sexy and all shades of ‘gangster’. Miss Forson, please never stop being you.

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