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I’m Nothing



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TITLE: I’m Nothing 
HOSTED BY: Ransford Mawuli

I’m Nothing, I have Nothing
But those who have a lot, like Lot’s wife
Who became a Pillar of Salt
And I’m just a Pillar of Sand

See in this stormy weather, I have this man who is my anchor
Despite my flaws
He still opens doors
The windows of Grace are never shut in my face

See He’s my Teacher
No iOS product but he still marks my Book of Greatness

Believe me,
Don’t be doubting like John when I tell you He’s the Smile behind my Smiles
The Awards and Applauds are never mine
He deserves the Glory because I’m not fit for this.
I’m nothing, yes I’m nothing without His Breath

See I’ve never been the one to sugar coat my feelings
I’ve never been the one to understate my dealings
I’ve never been the one to increase my savings

This man stood by me when I had no one
He gave me shoulders to lie on when I was so down
He is the light at the end of every tunnel


Indeed I’m nothing.

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