Match-by-coordinate recaps from Sunday singles at the Solheim Cup

Scotland’s Gleneagles-Susan Pettersen was a controversial captain’s pick before the start of the 16th Solheim Cup. But when it was over, European heavyweights became heroes again.

Pettersen, who started just three games since the last Solheim Cup, sunk an 8-foot birdie put in Par 5 18th hole and won 14.5-13.5 in Gleneagles.

“She had a little stick to get the pick, but this just shows that it was the right thing,” said European captain Katriona Matthew.

Europe has not lost the cup yet in Scotland, so it took 6 and half of the 12 single points available. He won the championship at Dalmahoy in 1992 and Loch Lomond in 2000.

American captain Juriinkster, who won each of the first two cups as a captain, could be third as a captain and was defeated in the last round.

16th Solheim Cup: scores and matches | full coverage

The following is a match-by-match summary for all matches from Sunday singles.

Final score: Europe, 14.5, US 13.5

Sunday single: Europe 6.5, US 5.5

Game 17: Carlota Ciganda (EUR) def. Danielle (USA), 1 up

Kang won the first hole with a birdie to lead early, but the match was correct for most of the first 12 holes. Kang robbed the lead with a 12-foot birdie makeup at par 4 # 13, but Ciganda’s birdie at par 5 # 16 square backs up the match. At Par 5 on the 18th, Kang moved from bunker to bunker in the third shot, and Ciganda set a concessioned birdie by hitting a big pitch from a terrible lie.

Match 18: Nelly Corda (USA) def. Caroline Hedwall (EUR), 2 up

After playing only once in the first four sessions, Hedwall emerged from the hot gate, birded the first two holes and led 3 after 9. However, Corda robbed Birdy at 10th and 11th, went down 1 and got 3 straight holes starting from 13th.

Match 19: Georgia Hall (EUR) def. Lexi Thompson (USA), 2 and 1

Thompson injured his back during the warm-up and could hardly go. Then she hit the first 10 greens and made a 2 up lead from 8 holes. However, Thompson lost the last 2nd with 9-11 in a short parmis, and the hole widened the lead to 2 with Thompson removing the parpat with par 15 at 15. After two holes, the hole locked out Thompson with par.

Match 20: Celine Bootier (EUR) def. Annie Park (USA), 2 and 1

As Boutier double bobbed the first hole, the park jumped quickly and the park took 2 after 4 holes. But Boutier was able to square the game after 7 games without making a birdie. Boutier took part in the 9th birdie column and took the first lead by discharging a 10 foot birdie pat after one hole. She made one of the same lengths at par 5 # 16, and then finished the match at par # 17 with a great top and bottom conversion.

Match 21: Angel in (USA) def. Azahara Munoz (EUR), 2 and 1

Yin made a big lead and raised 4 on the turn, just as she was in the opening four-ball match. However, Munoz returned to the first three holes with birdies. But she boggyed to number 13, and she never approached because Yin closed her with the penultimate hole.

Match 22: Megan Chan (USA) vs. Charlie Hull (Euro), half

Both players played the first 11 holes without bogies. Khang won the first two holes, but Hull stayed there and took her first lead at par 5 with 16 birdies. However, Hull, who led in the last one, rolled the chip back to green. Chang won a hole with an approved birdie to win big half points.

Game 23: Risetto Salas (USA) def. Anvandam (EUR), 1 up

Vandam brought three birdsies in the first five holes and brought a lot of energy. However, after playing Bogey in the first hole, Saras played spectacular golf and took her first lead of five birdies, including a long birdie at par 4 13th. Vandam finished 18th in Par 5 and had a chance to win half points, but missed 10 footers in birdies.

Game 24: Jessica Korda (USA) def. Caroline Masson (EUR), 3 and 2

Masson led the first 7 holes, but when par 5 9 missed Birdy’s 6 footer, she was 1 down. Corda chipped into Birdie in Par 4 12th place, took another 1 lead, and closed Barson and Masson in Par 5 16th place.

Match 25: Brittany Tomare (USA) def. Jody Ewart Shadov (EUR), 5 and 4

Altmare took the first lead with a fifth tap-in birdie in Par 4 and never looked back. She used up 20 footers in the first 8 of the three straight birdies and closed the 4th hole quickly with par 4 in the 4th hole. Ewart, who ripped a 2 foot birdie pat at Par 5 Nine, did not record a birdie until the last hole.

Match 26: Marina Alex (USA) vs. Susan Pettersen (Euro)

Pettersen is No. 6 lead 15 up with birdie makeup of 15 feet. No. 11 returned to 2 up with 40 feet makeup. The last hole Solheim Cup.

Match 27: Bron Tello (EUR) def. Allie McDonald (USA), 2 and 1

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