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Michelle Obama covers ELLE Magazine’s December issue in style



Michelle Obama

The former First Lady spills about life post-White House in a glorious interview with Oprah.
December’s issue of popular lifestyle magazine, Elle just got better with the former First Lady, Michelle Obama grace its cover in captivating style.
Michelle Obama is the kind of fashion icon we love best: one who seamlessly combines substance with style. So it was a distinct pleasure to wake up to the sight of her on the cover of the December 2018 issue of Elle.

The December issue seem to be about ‘girl power’ as it also has an accompanying interview conducted by none other than Oprah Winfrey.

The cover photo was shot by photographer Miller Mobley. It features a radiant Obama wearing high fashion label,Dior. Michelle is styled in an all-white look with a collared shirt, a white skirt (which she swings in an almost Marylin Monroe-esque way) with a black leather corset on top. The most beautiful part of her look though, that signature warm Michelle Obama smile.

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In the interview by Winfrey, the two powerhouses discuss Obama’s upcoming book “Becoming,” which covers what life has been like for the Obama family since former President Barack left the Oval Office, how important marriage counseling has been for the former president and First Lady, the pressures of being the first Black family in the White House and how Michelle decided that being a lawyer wasn’t for her.

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