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It’s very necessary When we heed to the advice of nature at all times. Young ladies of our century think we can cheat nature at times. Its good when we obey nature because nature takes into consideration our joy and comfort. At a very tender age engaging in sex may seem quite interesting, you may get a guy who you think is clean (without any STDs or STIs) but my dear do not be deceived.
Even apart from the Biblical responsibilities of staying chaste until marriage, we’ve got a role to play to make ourselves happy and comfortable.
You may be happy because you think under no circumstance can you get pregnant because you are dealing with a guy who is an expert or probably emergency contraceptives are in abundance.
You may be proud because you think you’ve tested the guy in question of all the possible STDs and STIs and he’s clean so you’re good and safe to play.
Do not be deceived dear.
Even if God permits premarital sex (of which He doesn’t for our own good) you’ve got other things to be scared of apart from pregnancy and sexually Transmitted Diseases and Infections. HERE IS MY STORY
Even at the teenage age I was very ashamed when I heard my colleagues talk about VIRGINITY because by some means I was deceived to know that I lost mine at a very tender age and so every day I would be on my bed and pray to God “God if possible please restore my virginity”.,
I completed SHS with the guilt that I couldn’t keep what was the pride of every lady. Even within those period of guilt I decided not to get into any relationship because I knew and thought I couldn’t combine academics and relationship and also I was emotionally immature.
But a one-day conversation changed everything. Before completing SHS I went into a relationship that took away everything I could ever value in life (Although I had been in a previous relationship that was terminated along the line)
One week after completing, things started changing. I went into a dirty relationship thinking that I am in love and sex was a normal routine. After sometime nature begun to take its course. Hamm, could you believe that after the first time of having sex before I got to realize I was actually a virgin.
After some time, I begun to bleed after sex and I was enduring the pain without the knowledge of my parents. Later it became worse when I was urinating frequently amidst blood and sharp pains. I told the guy in question and all we could decide on was to go to the hospital. I was very shy and scared in the sense that I knew I wouldn’t be able to reveal the actual cause of the problem so I started taking anti -biotic to supress the pain. Even after that the era of sex didn’t cease. It continued and each time, I will again get the same problem and will go back to take the anti- biotic.
After enduring the pain for some time I finally decided to have a lab test. I had a urine test but never told anyone and I secretly sent the result to a family friend who is a medical personnel to explain the lab result to me.
After seeing the lab result she requested that I have a pregnancy test off which I very well knew it will turn out negative but to be more sure I decided to secretly perform the test myself. I did three different pregnancy test and two of them tested positive. I began to get scared but I told no one except my boyfriend. later in the day I went to the drug store to buy a different test kit for the pregnancy test again and luckily for me it tested negative.
I boldly called the medical personnel and told her the pregnancy test was negative. She later asked for some time to analyse the result and the worst day of my life came into being. She finally broke the silence “YOU HAVE URINARY TRACT INFECTION” hmmmmm, the worst has happened, what am I to do? Who am I to talk to? After a countless effort to persuade her, she finally prescribed some drugs for me and some injections. Honestly the injection was very painful. After taking the injection I didn’t finish taking the drugs thinking that all was well.
Even those injections couldn’t change me. I went on to have sex again and again and finally my cup was full. The condition came again and this time no amount of anti-biotic could supress even the burning sensation I experience when urinating
Now because of the infection I have to be on anti- biotic administration every day and even with that the pain goes for some few hours and it comes back again. The most painful thing is I always feel like passing out urine and every day I have some burning sensation and I bleed through my urine.
Dear reader, all things may seem very okay now, but my situation now can be your situation tomorrow. It is never too late to put an end to immorality. Save yourself from the disgrace today and have a peaceful future tomorrow



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