Solheim Cup 2019: Suzann Pettersen didn’t realize that last putt was for the success

Scotland’s Gleneagles-Susan Pettersen and Marina Alex have arrived on 18th green and the game was tied. Alex was birdie 10 feet and Pettersen was 8 feet. Pat from the top of Alex’s hall was missed, and while Pat and Pettersen were reading her, Europe’s Brontero closed the game with Allie McDonalds on the 17th green.

Suddenly, the Solheim Cup also tied, Pettersen’s putt meant the difference between a European victory and a 14-14 tie match, and the US was able to hold the cup. All this is unknown to Pettersen. When Pettersen pierced Birdie Putt, he did not realize it was for victory.

It all became immediately apparent when her entire team charged her with the green.

“I thought Bronte was behind me on the fairway, but she is very good, she closes it on the 17th,” Pettersen said. “In fact, I didn’t know that it was Pat, but I knew it was very close because Beanie (European captain Katrio Matthew) came to the 18th tee. You do n’t have to say much. ”

The law is particular about the 17th green and sees Pettersen’s putt from the big TV screen near the green. The law heard ro sound and began to bless before Pat appeared on the screen.

Updated: September 16, 2019 — 6:09 am

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