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The other side of green



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For so many centuries we were always taught to look to the other side of the green.
Made to believe that what lies beyond it are meadows of opportunity, fields to cultivate our dreams and an oasis to quench our insatiable thirst to the answers we seek.
We were made to believe that we were inferior till we began to see our lives as just a coincidence and that we were never meant to be.
We were made to believe that the only way to belong was to follow blindly without having to question the rules since they were the masters and obviously we the fools.
So in utter desperation without reading the terms and conditions we signed off our souls ignorantly for less than a Pesewas worth.
With the mind set and perception that somehow we would be finally recognised, loved even appreciated for what we were actually worth.
But what did we get in return, our minds were chained, locked up and sentenced to dungeons non-existent in our own place of birth.
As we danced to the rhythm of freedoms mirage and hummed tunes of victory’s melody at the abolishment of slavery we forgot that our minds remained locked up and that only our bodies run free.
Because trust me no man would give you something without expecting something back in return remember that nothing in this life is free.
See they gave us medicine just so that we could be healthy enough to keep working on their farm plantations.
They gave us education claiming they wanted to teach us about Our!!Land and Culture with common sense and all its basic foundations.
Ironic, cause you see the real aim was to fade our culture away and present to us something they called better, one they called foreign from a New World or Superior Nation.
So as time went by, they slowly poisoned our hearts and corrupted our minds I think today its better called indoctrination.
See they gave us weapons to protect and defend ourselves but I ask you dear audience against what? cause we had been living in peace and not pieces until they arrived at our shores.
The only reason was to create confusion, generate mistrust and misunderstanding amongst us just to spark civil wars.
They seized our lands established plantations, forced us to work on these plantations and claimed that they gave us jobs?????.
See when you look at this from a point of view that’s logical you realise that indeed no man will give you something without expecting something back in return maybe that’s why I don’t believe in Father Christmas ‘Santaclause’.
See they introduced us to trade, provided us with goods so that they would dictate to us the terms of the market.
They separated us from family and friends promised them greener pastures yet took them to*”the gate of no return”*I can’t help but imagine my great grandfather starring up at that gate with smiles all over his face reading it as*”the journey to the promise land”*I bet.
If only he knew that not all of them would survive that journey and those that would, will eventually be sold off by their masters to fill up their pocket.
Yet every year we celebrate our independence, but are we really independent.
Indeed my heart bleeds anytime I hear people say that we gained independence.
Cause NO!!We didn’t, we never really gained true Independence.
My eyes translate these emotions into tears but before they dive down my cheekbone, many say men aren’t supposed to cry so I guess I’ll just let this poem cry instead.
It’s not too late though to free our minds of these chains and shackles and finally proclaim true victory.
It’s not too late to cut off what’s left of the puppet strings attached to our backs and bring an end to our misery.
I heard a legend once say “none but ourselves can free our minds so emancipate yourself from mental slavery” RIP Bob Marley.
So before you look down upon yourself and cast a glance elsewhere remember that it may not always be greener on the other side.
Remember we are a people that are rich in our natural resources, rich in society and culture But above all we are rich in our pride.
And always do remember that no man will give you something without expecting something back in return cause if I give you a gun and ask you to take your life with it!


Answer me. is it still called suicide?


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