Trump guards Brett Kavanaugh, Democrats call for indictment in the midst of new sexual offense claims

President Donald Trump called on the Supreme Court after an alleged sexual misconduct that once threatened to nominate his nomination to the bench because several prominent Democrats called him to bomb Jumped to the defense of the official Brett Cabano.

Brett Cabanau in a suit and tie: President Donald Trump shakes hands with Supreme Court Vice Judge Brett Cabanau on October 8, 2018 in the White House East Room
© Andrew Harrer President Donald Trump shakes hands with Supreme Court Vice Judge Brett Kavanaugh in the White House East Room on October 8, 2018.
“He is an innocent man who has been treated innocently,” Trump called on Twitter, calling the accusation a “lie”. The president also accused critics of trying to influence Cabanau’s opinion, suggesting that Cabanau “starts to sue people with liberal liberation, or the Justice Department should come to his rescue.”

Cabanau was appointed Trump after retirement from Justice Anthony Kennedy, a swing vote in court. He was sworn in October last year after a confirmation process focused on allegations and subsequent Senate hearing protests, controversies, and high dramas.

Trump appears to be responding to an article in the opinion column written by two reporters from the New York Times published late Saturday, and a book on Cabanau’s nomination will be released this week. In a book compiled in a Saturday article, the authors wrote that they found new support for the accusations that Cabanau was exposed to Deborah Ramirez, a Yale university classmate. NBC News has not confirmed the report.

A book written by Robin Pogrevin and Kate Kelly also revealed a new accusation. The reporters cite two officials and said that former steer and former Yale classmate Max Stier told the Senator and the FBI about another episode of sexual misconduct. Two people with direct knowledge confirmed in NBC News that FBI was informed by Stier that Cabanau had pierced the penis into the hands of an unidentified female student.

According to two officials who are familiar with allegations, the FBI was asked to be conducted by the Senate Judiciary Committee during the first few days of the supplementary investigation, during a confirmation hearing of his controversy last year. I noticed the allegations.

Stier has declined to request comments from NBC News. The FBI did not respond immediately to requests for comments.

Cabanau strongly denied the allegations by Ramirez and the accusation by Christine Brushy Ford that they had sexually assaulted her while in high school. Ford witnessed publicly during the Cabanau confirmation process at a popular emotional Senate hearing.

Many prominent legislators spoke on Sunday about new allegations, including several Democrats who demanded the Cabanau bullet each.

“I have finished these hearings,” tweeted Senator Kamala, a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee and Democratic Presidential Candidate. “Brett Cabanau lied to the US Senate. Most importantly, he lied to the American people. He was brought to court through a fake process, and his position in the court was in pursuit of truth and justice. In humiliation, he must be bulleted. ”

D Mass’s Senator Elizabeth Warren tweeted, “Confirmation is not innocent, and these latest revelations are disturbing. Cabanau should be impulsive, like the man who appointed him.” did.

Presidential candidate Vermont Sanders also tweeted. “Today’s revelation confirms what we already know. At his hearing, Cabano was facing a credible accusation and seemed to lie to the parliament. To support an appropriate constitutional mechanism to

Cabanau told the Senate Judiciary Committee last year that it was New Yorker’s September 23 article that first heard Ramirez’s allegations.

However, according to a text message obtained by NBC News last year, Cabanau and his team were communicating with friends behind the scenes to argue the claim, until several days before Ramirez’s public allegation.

The FBI began an expanded background survey to Cabanau after pressure from Congress’s Democratic Party initially slowed his confirmation process.

However, according to multiple sources including friends of both the candidate and his accused, dozens of people with potential information about allegations against him were not contacted.

On Sunday, Senator Senator Amy Krobcher called Cabanau’s confirmation process “fake”.

“I strongly opposed him based on his view of the administrative power that continued to plague our country. How he behaved, including allegations we heard about today.” this week. “My concern here is that the process was fake. I don’t think you can see the bullet each hearing without getting a textbook.

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