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Your dress shapes your body, Fella Makafui slams critic for implying her hips are fake



Fella Makafui

Fella Makafui puts a critic on her Instagram page in her place for insinuating that Fella’s hips were fake.

The actress shared a harmless post of herself looking dapper and bright on a Monday morning. But as usual, lurking trolls could just not let us admire in peace.

The caption of the picture which I believe was some motivation to her followers to start doing something for themselves was momentarily overshadowed when a criticizer came for the size of Fella’s hips.

The faultfinder asked Fella why her hips appeared to be of different sizes in different photographs. Instead of retaliating in an uncouth manner, the young entrepreneur decided to educate and deliver some fashion insight.

She said, “I’m not about my hips … Also, your body shape shows depending on the dress you are wearing (texture, if it stretches or not).”

There is some truth in her response although the difference should not be too noticeable. It is important to dress to flatter your body shape and personality in general. Failure to do so would cause further distortion of your appearance.

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